About Me


Hello and welcome to my blog! 

I do lots of things and love everything I do. First and foremost, I am a Change Agent, Systems Buster and Mystic Explorer. I work through the power of JOY. I host a radio show on Blogtalk radio with the 5D Media Network called "In~Joy, the Show" with my fun and knowledgable co-host Brian Kelly. 

I'm a Transformational Thought Coach, working either through relaxed conversation or the tool of Tarot. I'm also a Mural Artist, Jewelry Artist and general "make things beautiful and functional" artist of life. 

My intention is to travel the world with my tool box of gifts and Joyfully assist the transformation of anyone or anything  calling upon change through my unique vibration. 

To reach me call 301-471-7078 or my skype address is judy.jandora1