Transformational Tarot Readings ~ Donation Based

Hello and Welcome my friends! 

As a Transformational Thought Coach, I find that the tool of Tarot is an elegant and fun way to walk searchers through the process of their own Hero's Journey. It is called the Fools journey in Tarot, as the Fool (wonderful innocent BEing) is the Star of his own story and the cards depict the many cycles he moves through to become more fully expanded within his own story. 

The Tarot deck has 78 cards. The lower arcana is much like a regular deck of cards with one more player in the court cards. That of the Page..a female messenger. The Higher arcana depicts our own higher journey into the realm of spiritual awakenings. 

If you know of Joseph Campbell's works, you know he became famous for his brave and powerful understanding that ALL stories (every movie depicts the Hero's journey) of the human condition reflect the Hero's Journey. We all walk our journey in life through rising up, learning new skill, finding JOY, feeling despondent, and then falling down. But each cycle is never the end! Through this journey, we gain strength, knowledge and wisdom and begin a new cycle. We play within these energies our whole life, and the more we see our challenges as gifts, the more easily and faster we move through each cycle gaining wisdom and inner strength to continue on our journey from a new perspective.

The cards are a tool that read your field though the energy signature your BEing is giving off. As science is now aware, all matter (yes, you matter) is 99.999999% energy. What becomes solidified, is done through intent, focus and agreement. Because thoughts are less constrained into matter, they are more easily shifted through understanding of how the Universal Energies work. As an intuitive and Agent of JOY and LIGHT, I imbue each reading with the energy of love and connect your energies to the cards and in so doing, the readings are always just right for you.

As a Transformational Thought Coach, I look at what story your energies are telling us. Together, we see where you hold blocks to your JOYS, where you have help and empowerment so that you can focus your consciousness on the helpful energies. Nothing is fixed. All is malleable to your intent and focus and it becomes clear what is needed to move through this next phase of the adventure of you, the HERO.

Sessions with me can be done in person, through Skype for my phone. Readings are Donation based from heart for heart. Readings can last from 30 minutes to over an hour. I am here in Service to Humanity, Joyfully.

Please contact me by calling 301-471-7078 or Skype name  judy.jandora1  by email or by leaving a reply below.

 Much LOVE and JOY to YOU!! Thank you!

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