Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In~Joy, the Show, Tonight at 7pm EST

about our guest tonight: Carmelle Migliore-Numerologist and Esoteric Translator

PS she will be taking callers for brief numeralogical personal readings for part of the show!!!!

"Numerologist and Esoteric Translator Carmelle Migliore, Joyfully brings forward her natural intuitive gifts and a lifetime of personal observations and studies in Mysticism, Spirituality, and Holistic Healing, in the descriptions and translations of the Numbers and cycles (in Time). Carmelle presents Time and it's gifts, as an easy tool for grasping and returning to Absolute NOW Presence, which is required for personal and collective intentional manifestations in the New Time reality experience platform.
> As an experiential student of this simple language of the Numbers in Time, Carmelle offers a supportive and compassionate ear and simplified descriptors and perspectives of our cyclic Time opportunities, and insight on how to recognise and access the potentials within them. She is ever encouraging of our personal and collective processes (in Time), as we grow OUT of Time toward more intentional personal Now focus and Creativity on an Eternally expansive journey, as Multi-dimensional Creator Beings playing in a holographic reality. Carmelle is available for private Timing consultations and her current body of focus and work can be seen at
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