Sunday, August 11, 2013

This'll Blow your Mind..Makes you go Hmmm

visitor from planet Aitrui shares her story, technology, etc., page 1

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Topic started on 10-8-2013 @ 07:10 PM by tgidkp
it is hard to know how to give this a proper introduction.

so, lets start with the author of the information presented herein, Katherine R McCall. she is homeless, a visitor from another planet, an intelligence informant for the US government, and she claims that she is currently under heavy scrutiny from the government for releasing the information that she shares with us.....

.....just damned crazy enough that it might be true.

she runs a website which truly must be seen to be believed. but please BEWARE!!! this website is a browser-crasher. probably the most difficult to navigate i have ever witnessed. so, to help give you an idea of what lies therein, i have prepared a sample of some of the images which are hosted on the site.

there are many MANY! more at the website.

i first came across this a couple of years ago. but later i found the website had gone offline for several years. it has recently come back online with her pleadings for legal help and protection and an invitation to download the entire contents of her website via a single zip file.

the bad news is that the current provided download links do not work! the good news is that i downloaded the zip when i first visited years ago. the better news is that the information is far easier to sort through from the zip download. if i can get the 'go ahead' from ATS admin, i will be happy to rehost the 472MB zip file.

if nothing else, hours and hours of entertainment....

***BEWARE*** do not hit this link on a wimpy computer:

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