Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thoughts are Energetic BEings...Release and Set Yourself Free

The world is awakening to the understanding that nothing is ever created without it first BEing a thought in the mind of a BEing first. Take a look around you and ponder the mind of God, the I AM, the ALL THAT IS and how this collective of EVERYTHING is in constant creation mode. The Earth around you, the stars, the galaxies are all products of "In the beginning there was the word, and the word was God." and "God is LOVE". So it is not even a tiny step to conclude that all that exists IS (the energy of) LOVE, i.e God/Creator/BEing.

Creator is creating more creation at a rate that is far beyond the capacity of the human mind to fathom. WE, as humans on this teeny tiny planet out in the nether regions of CREATION are much like subatomic particles in our own bodies living an existence of creation to which we seem to have no awareness of. Though we do know life is happening on levels we may never ever consider in our lifetimes on a conscious level.

My point is while this can get all esoteric and expand infinitely inward and outward, on the level of our own lives, we harbor thoughtforms that affect us without really understanding the impact these BEings have within our very own lives.

Just think for a minute of each time a negative thought came into your awareness and understand that many more subtle thoughts do or have been taken on than we are even aware of. Many of these thoughts came about from your childhood, when your parents, teachers, churches and friends parroted rules, sayings, beliefs and edicts that were passed down to them. I bring this up because as children, we are more susceptible to taking on the thoughts of others we trust and believing them to be true. The more we believe in the truth of a thought, the more dense it becomes within our lives and hence they shape our lives as energetic foundations and structural framings.

Take the time to notice the words, smells, and situations that trigger an unease or a happy memory/feeling in you..these are thougtforms we've accepted to be true. They have an effect of us physiologically, mentally and spiritually.

Most, if not all dis-ease, pain, discomfort, shame and fear is caused by thoughtforms that a BEing had either consciously or unconsciously accepted as truth. The reason for the negative affect is that there IS an energy residing deep within each consciousness, "this TRUTH" that is at odds with what is only conditioned to be seen as truth. This DEEPLY residing energy is your original natural and immutable state - LOVE.

We are now living in the times all the ancients have written and prophesied about for eons. The time when the culmination of events unfolds as ALL BEings who, in their great JOY and Greatly LOVING awareness, came into this game of forgetting so as to EXPAND ALL OF CREATION beyond anything previously attempted. THIS is the GREAT AWAKENING back into who we truly are!

Our awakening, this escape from the chrysalis, ascension or what ever you feel like calling it, is at hand. As we release the structures that we ourselves have created, as we see the bars we built to close us in as a part of the creation of such a state of forgetfulness, of dis-ease, discomfort that we knew someday we would HAVE to throw off the shackles and reclaim our LIGHT, we are learning that it can only be accomplished from within and in the only true energy that exists. LOVE.

Finally I get to the original point of this conveyance. The pain we feel, the dis-ease we manifest, the heaviness some of us plod through our days with are simply thoughtforms. They served a purpose in our journeys, but as BEings in the form of dense thoughts stuck in with our bodies, whether etherial or physical (all is energy) it is time to SET THEM FREE! To release all that which is not LOVE.

How do we do this?? Actually it is much simpler than you might imagine, from my perspective. Let's take a playful excursion into releasing just one...when you have this down, the process is the same for the other residential thoughtforms you may dis-cover along the way.

1) CATCH IT-  Yep, when you feel uneasy about something someone said to you, or a trigger that sparks a painful reaction from you...the usual reaction is to shove it down, ignore it or pretend it doesn't exist, right? Well this time I want you to do the opposite of what is taught to us.. CATCH that feeling as the observer of it. Hold it and don't let it go.

2) NOTICE WHERE IT'S LOCATED AND WHERE IT TRAVELS- When you notice where it originates from, your body will give up the story of what it's trying to tell you.
Is it in your gut? Maybe you aren't following your intuition in lieu of the belief you accepted as true.
Is it in your throat? Maybe you refrain from speaking your truth because you've been told it isn't proper, worthy or acceptable.
Is it in your heart? Maybe you've been taught to keep your love from certain beings because of some less than loving belief passed down through generations..
These are just examples of the LESS THAN LOVE thoughtforms we adopted along the way...you will find your own realizations when you ask, your body is brilliant and all the energetic intelligences that reside within are ready to tell you when you ask.

3) LOVINGLY EXPAND IT-  I know, it sounds counter intuitive, but as you expand this energy within you, your very acceptance of it will lighten it's molecular structure as it is brought into the perverbial light of day ..Grow it as big as you can! Don't worry, it will become less scary as it expands, not more so.

4) ACKNOWLEDGE IT AS A SENTIENT BEING- and yes, a slave. It exists within you because on some level you have called it in. You've demanded it stay and by ignoring it's very existence, you've held it captive, denied it love and attention, and yes, you've even hated it for all the pain it caused.. imagine the existence of these poor lifeforms!!

5) IMMEDIATELY GIVE IT LOVE- Moving right into your heart center, bring it in with you and embrace this BEing with great LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. Imagine it as an abused child or animal and wrap it in your love...hold it, cry with it, infuse it with all the love that you have.
Thanks it for all it has ever done for you!! It has remained as a slave to your demands for many years, if not lifetimes. It has gathered your fears in all their forms and shield you from having to deal with them..it holds pain for you. All at your instruction, unconscious as it may be. GIVE GREAT APPRECIATION to it for such selfless service. ( you many have many within your energetic space, so repeat this as long as you feel your body in discomfort and notice the triggers)

6) HO'OPONOPONO- Ask for forgiveness. "I'm so sorry, Please forgive me, I LOVE you, I thank you"
Most of us have no conscious realization that we were even doing this. Our programming from the game we created, tells us to be in FEAR...Worry, denial, hatred, divide and conquer mode, and to doubt your own mind and intuitions, seek outside yourself for the answers... till it's so unlivably painful that we WAKE UP!
Forgive yourself for not knowing, bathe yourself in LOVE, nurture yourself in a state of pure acceptance...
As you do this, ask these forms that reside within you , but are NOT you...to forgive you as you LOVE them into the light.

7) LOVE IT INTO THE LIGHT- No more slave system for these lovely BEings! Time to set them free!
Gather the essence of this BEing in a vortex of LOVE and SET IT FREE.
Taking a deep breath in-while you go through some of the steps above, swirl the vortex within you to contain this beautiful energy and SPEAK IT FREE..
You can say something like this:
"I set you free to become the love and light that you are!"
"As I set you free, I also set myself free" I LOVE YOU!!
"You are free to become all you wish to be"
"I send you out as a trillion butterflies sprinkling the light of love upon all the earth"
BREATH OUT.. release..imagine..feel it....

8) REPEAT AS OFTEN AS NECESSARY- you may have many thoughforms hidings deep within your field and psyche...JUST LEARNE TO NOTICE anything that feels like less than love and lovingly catch it, and move through it's release as you release yourself in the process.

YOU ARE FREE!!!                                                         Judy Jandora 9-10-13

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